Coastal Sustainability Alliance Commences Building Of Largest Local Design-Build-Deployed Electric Tug And Supply Boat

  • 2 PXO electric vessels target for deployment in 2025
  • The zero-emissions e-tug and e-supply boat are among the first and largest harbour craft designed for Singapore’s waters
  • Kuok Maritime Group-led alliance expands to 27 members to build Singapore’s next-generation coastal ecosystem

SINGAPORE, 12 April 2024 – The Coastal Sustainability Alliance (CSA), an industry collaborative effort led by Kuok Maritime Group (KMG), announced the commencement of shipbuilding of the first fully electric PXO tug (e-tug) and supply boat (e-supply boat) by PaxOcean Group. This marks a milestone in the collective industry effort to accelerate coastal decarbonisation, transition to a circular economy and strengthen marine supply chains. These zero-emissions vessels are among the first and largest local electric harbour craft designed for operation in Singapore’s coastal waters. They are targeted for deployment in 2025, ahead of the nation’s goal for all new coastal vessels to be fully electric or operate on low-carbon energy solutions by 2030.

The Coastal Sustainability Alliance PXO Electric Fleet Signing & MOU Ceremony, held at Shangri-La Singapore last evening, was graced by Guest-of-Honour Mr Chee Hong Tat, Minister for Transport and Second Minister for Finance, along with maritime industry leaders and CSA representatives. The CSA also welcomed nine new members, expanding the alliance to 27 members from the initial seven companies when it was formed in March 2022.

The new CSA members hail from diverse sectors, including finance, green energy, corporate and environmental consultancies, and maritime services, and exemplify the growing support network for advancing Singapore’s maritime decarbonisation efforts. These new members are CIMC Energy Storage, DBS, Grant Thornton, Hanhwa Aerospace, KST Maritime,  Marina Offshore, Paia Consulting, Siemens Energy, and Transport Capital. Together with the current members, they will be instrumental in propelling CSA’s next growth phase, focusing on green financing, ESG initiatives, vessel adoption, electrification, and technology enhancement for the coastal logistics ecosystem.

Mr Tan Thai Yong, Managing Director, Strategic Projects and Technology, Kuok Maritime Group and Chairperson, CSA Council, said: “The expansion of the Coastal Sustainability Alliance and the commencement of construction for the PXO e-tug and e-supply boat signify a pivotal growth phase to create new revenue streams and scale the CSA ecosystem globally together with our alliance members. The joint contributions by CSA members and the continued support of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) empower us to fast-track our investment commitment of S$20 million to 2025, accelerating this industry-led initiative to decarbonise our coastal ecosystem and advance the green track record for our maritime sector in a commercially sustainable manner.”

The CSA enters its third year with a continued commitment to build a next-generation coastal logistics ecosystem. Progress made in its five strategic areas include:

  • Commercialisation of Singapore design-build-deploy PXO e-tug and e-supply boat – Pacific Workboats Pte Ltd (PWPL) has committed to purchasing the e-tug, leveraging its capabilities to provide sustainable towage services for its customer base. Additionally, KMG is investing in the construction and trials of the e-supply boat.  While efforts to charter out the e-supply boat are ongoing, commercial interest in the PXO series continues to grow, with several CSA members exploring opportunities to charter these next-generation vessels. The PXO e-tug and e-supply boat are slated for deployment in 2025, marking a significant milestone in commercialising the PXO series.

    As the PXO series will be deployed from Jurong Port, KMG is collaborating with Jurong Port to provide the electric charging infrastructure to support the operations of electric vessels.

    In February 2024, the CSA was among the shortlisted entities announced by MPA’s Expression of Interest (EOI) to transform Singapore’s maritime sector by designing and developing electric harbour craft. Among the 11 proposals received, the CSA’s e-supply boat proposal was among the six that have secured the relevant technical approvals from Classification Societies and were chosen for further design enhancements and optimisation with institutes of higher learnings (IHLs) and research institutes. This is significant progress and endorsement of the high technology readiness and maturity of the CSA’s PXO electric vessels.
  • Promoting sustainable resource management through e-waste reduction, upcycling and biofuels – Since 2023, CSA has partnered with Green COP to develop and commercialise second-generation biofuels as a transition fuel to reduce emissions from conventional harbour craft. Green COP has secured S$500,000 in angel investment to build a prototype plant to produce Biobutanol. The biofuel is made from biomass feedstock and generates fewer emissions than petroleum fuels.
  • Reduce marine traffic by 20% through logistics and fleet optimisation solutions – A key part of CSA’s efforts is to seamlessly integrate logistics, fleet operations, battery performance and just-in-time operations for vessels, terminals, and service providers. Utilising advanced technologies in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the CSA is conducting optimisation simulations with MagicPort on the coastal logistics platform, which is expected to go live by end-2024. This platform will support the PXO e-supply boat in meeting the growing demand from the shipping community for marine logistics optimisation and traffic flow. The e-tug will also explore demand-supply match optimisation to reduce fuel wastage and dead mileage.
  • Support the growth of SMEs and start-ups through a sustainable green supply chain and maritime business ecosystem – Currently, over 50% of components of the PXO vessels are sourced locally. Sea Forrest Power Solutions is in conversation to supply critical components such as motors, battery management systems, and batteries for the e-supply boat.

    George Lee, CEO of Sea Forrest Power Solutions, said:We value the support by the Coastal Sustainability Alliance to tap on our expertise in the development of interoperable marine electrification and charging solutions. Our collaboration with the CSA has opened growth opportunities for us to contribute to the industry’s decarbonisation goals with cost-effective, retrofittable and operator-centric solutions.”

    The CSA aims to partner with the Singapore Association of Shipsuppliers and Services (SASS) to upgrade sustainability competencies within the maritime workforce and facilitate a just transition for all SASS members towards a low-carbon economy.
  • Talent attraction and workforce upgrading – As the maritime transport sector digitalises and transforms, new jobs will demand cross-disciplinary skills in data analytics, automation, robotics and sustainability. To help mid-career switchers and employees upskill and take on new roles, Pacific Workboats Pte Ltd is tapping into the MPA and Workforce Singapore’s Career Conversion Programme (CCP) to build new capabilities through skills upgrading and training programmes. PWPL’s efforts will contribute to CCP’s targets of benefiting up to 300 individuals, with an initial ten employees to participate in the programme over the next two years.

CSA’s Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Decarbonising the Maritime Industry

In March 2022, the industry-led CSA initiative was announced under the leadership of KMG, which includes key business units: PaxOcean Holdings Pte Ltd, Pacific Carriers Limited (PCL), and POSH (PACC Offshore Services Holdings) and provides a comprehensive platform for the CSA to achieve its goals to build the next-generation of Singapore’s maritime ecosystem and accelerate the decarbonisation, electrification and advancement in energy-efficient logistics and engineering solutions. The CSA is expected to invest over S$20 million into various sustainability efforts over the next ten years with the aim of a 50% reduction in vessel carbon emissions and 20% in marine traffic by 2030.

The new members will join CSA’s pioneering members from 2022: The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), GenPlus, Jurong Port, Sea Forrest Power Solutions, Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore (TCOMS) and TES, and members who joined in 2023: Ampotech, Columbia Ship Management Singapore, Green COP, Ken Energy, RMS Marine & Offshore Service, M1, MagicPort, Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), Sinwa Singapore, ST Engineering, and Swift Total Logistics.

The nine new members of the Coastal Sustainability Alliance (CSA) display their MOU certificates at the Coastal Sustainability Alliance PXO Electric Fleet Signing & MOU Ceremony.

From left to right: Mr William Huang, General Manager, Strategy and Investment Center, CIMC Energy Storage; Mr Brian Lim, Head of Marketing, Marina Offshore; Mr Max Lim, Managing Director, Institutional Banking Group (Shipping, Aviation, Logistics, Transportation), DBS Bank; Mr Tan Thai Yong, Managing Director, Strategic Projects and Technology, Kuok Maritime Group and Chairperson, CSA Council; Ms
Ronita Dutta, Principal Consultant, Paia Consulting; Mr Chee Hong Tat, Minister for Transport and Second Minister for Finance; Mr Teo Eng Dih, Chief Executive, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore; Mr Seunghyun Son, Head of ESS department, Hanwha Aerospace; Mr Chetan Hans, Partner of CFO Services & Sustainability, Grant Thornton; Mr Romi Kaushal, Managing Director, KST Maritime; Mr Thorbjörn Fors, Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Siemens Energy; Mr Joshua Politis, Deputy Managing Partner, Transport Capital.

Photo credit: Ministry of Transport
Mr Lim Sze Chien (left), Director of Procurement, Kuok Maritime Group and Mr Jerome Chew (right), Chief Operating Officer of PaxOcean Group formalise an MOU for the PXO esupply boat at the Coastal Sustainability Alliance PXO Electric Fleet Signing & MOU Ceremony.

This is witnessed by Mr Tan Thai Yong (left), Managing Director, Strategic Projects and Technology, Kuok Maritime Group and Chairperson, CSA Council, Mr Teo Eng Dih (centre), Chief Executive, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, and Mr Low Soon Teck (right), Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Kuok Maritime Group.

Photo credit: Ministry of Transport
Mr Ulva Chai (left), Chief Operating Officer, PACC Offshore Services Holdings (POSH) and Mr Jerome Chew (right), Chief Operating Officer of PaxOcean Group formalise an MOU for the PXO e-tug at the Coastal Sustainability Alliance PXO Electric Fleet Signing & MOU Ceremony.

This is witnessed by Mr Tan Thai Yong (left), Managing Director, Strategic Projects and Technology, Kuok Maritime Group and Chairperson, CSA Council, Mr Teo Eng Dih (centre), Chief Executive, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, and Mr Low Soon Teck (right), Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Kuok Maritime Group.

Photo credit: Ministry of Transport

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Note to Editor:

  • Please refer to Annex 1 for the CSA Quote Sheet.

Kuok Maritime Group

Kuok Maritime Group (KMG) includes the PaxOcean Group (PaxOcean), Pacific Carriers Limited (PCL), PACC Offshore Services Holdings (POSH), Pacific Workboats Pte Ltd (PWPL), McPEC Marine & Offshore Engineering Pte Ltd (McPEC) and KSL Maritime Ventures (KMV).  KMG offers an integrated suite of maritime solutions to businesses globally. It serves the maritime value chain from provision of offshore maritime and subsea support services, shipping and transportation, newbuilding, harbour and terminal towage services as well as turnkey solutions for marine, offshore, energy, market in engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning (EPCC) to supporting start-ups offering technological and innovative solutions to the industry. The group also leads the Coastal Sustainability Alliance in Singapore, working with like-minded industry partners to build a sustainable next-generation maritime ecosystem. Visit Kuok Maritime Group at

PaxOcean Group

PaxOcean Group is a member of the Kuok Maritime Group (KMG) which is part of Kuok Group Singapore. PaxOcean owns and operates five shipyards located in Singapore, China and Indonesia. First established in 2007 in Singapore, PaxOcean offers a wide range of services covering integrated solutions, newbuilding, module fabrication, green recycling, repairs and conversion of conventional and renewable energy assets. Visit PaxOcean at

About Pacific Workboats

Pacific Workboats Pte Ltd is a niche harbour, terminal towage operator, and part of the Kuok Maritime Group. Based in Singapore and with a geographical footprint spanning SE Asia, South Asia and West Africa, our modern and sophisticated fleet of azimuth stern drive harbour tugs ranging from 40-70TBP serve ports, terminals and floating installations for a myriad of activities, including berthing/unberthing, escort, safety standby, emergency response and tanker lifting operations. Visit PWPL at

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ANNEX 1: Coastal Sustainability Alliance - Quote Sheet

2024 New CSA Partners
No.PartnerKey Contribution AreaSpokesperson/ DesignationQuote
1.CIMC Energy StorageDevelop and deploy electrification infrastructure for a green and resilient power supply to the Coastal Logistics Ecosystem.   Co-design and develop battery energy storage system of PXO series of new electric harbour craft.William Huang, General Manager, Strategy and Investment CenterCIMC Energy Storage focuses on the design, manufacturing and integration of Energy Storage System (ESS) products. As a part of the Coastal Sustainability Alliance, we will actively work with members to develop marine Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and electrification infrastructure for various scenarios. We look forward to contributing to the creation of a green and resilient power system within the coastal ecosystem.
2.DBSProvide financing solutions for adopting CSA’s Next Generation Coastal Logistics Ecosystem & PXO Electric Harbour Crafts.Max Lim, Managing Director, Institutional Banking Group (Shipping, Aviation, Logistics, Transportation)As an Asian-centric bank committed to supporting Asia's energy transition, it was a natural step to be the first bank to join the Coastal Sustainability Alliance and to enable Singapore's transformation towards becoming a green maritime hub. DBS will leverage our expertise to facilitate the transformation of Singapore’s maritime and coastal logistics ecosystem through financing solutions, sustainability advisory and support for SMEs to drive sustainable developments in the sector.
3.Grant ThortonComprehensive sustainability and commercialisation expertise to support CSA’s vision.  Further assists CSA members through specialised capacity building, advocacy, assurance and advisory services.David Sandison, Managing PartnerWe are proud to play a part in paving the way for a sustainable maritime ecosystem. Our ESG and Sustainability Services team brings its advisory expertise to this partnership, focusing on building the sector’s resilience through sustainability. We are glad to be able to contribute to the Coastal Sustainability Alliance’s goals and help organisations navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance, talent development and environmental stewardship.
4.Hanwha AerospaceLead development and commercialization of ESS and Fuel cell based electric propulsion system, deploy the best management environment and fire safety ESS solution and Fuel Cell for electric harbour craft.Seunghak Moon, Head of E- Propulsion System BHanwha is set to revolutionize electric propulsion vessel operations with our cutting-edge Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and FuelCell solutions, offering high- performance and advanced management systems. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability is evident through our relentless research and development efforts. We continuously push the boundaries of technology to deliver products that not only meet but also exceed the stringent standards of the industry.   We are proud to be associated with the Coastal Sustainability Alliance and eagerly anticipate further collaboration to drive positive change in the maritime sector.
5.KST MaritimeAdopt usage of PXO series of new electric harbour crafts within the Coastal Logistics Ecosystem.Romi Kaushal, Managing DirectorKST Maritime is pleased to join the Coastal Sustainability Alliance with the aim of working with industry partners to develop and adopt the most sustainable solutions for decarbonisation.
6.Marina OffshoreAdopt usage of PXO series of new electric harbour crafts within the Coastal Logistics Ecosystem.Freddy Choo, Managing DirectorAs a provider of harbour towage services in Singapore, it is our privilege to be given the opportunity to join the Coastal Sustainability Alliance. We look forward to greater collaboration and innovation with alliance members as we strive towards achieving the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore’s (MPA) decarbonisation targets for the harbour craft industry.
7.Paia ConsultingContribute sustainability expertise in developing an ESG framework roadmap, Green Finance and impact reporting, sustainable procurement and ESG training.Ronita Dutta, Principal ConsultantPaia is honoured and proud to contribute its deep sustainability expertise to the Coastal Sustainability Alliance (CSA). Since our establishment in Singapore in 2002, we have been helping companies strategically integrate sustainability into their business operations by understanding, assessing, contextualising, and reporting on sustainability risks and opportunities. Paia is regarded as one of the leading sustainability consultancies in Singapore and Southeast Asia, working with local institutions, public and private, listed and SMEs, to act as a change agent in developing a blueprint for a greener Singapore.   We see our role within CSA as pivotal to devising and implementing CSA’s sustainability strategy and framework, including the roadmap to decarbonisation, spearheading Green Finance, Impact Reporting, Sustainable Procurement, Scope 3 Assessment and upskilling CSA members on relevant sustainability topics. We are very excited to play our part in making CSA’s vision a reality.
8.Siemens EnergyLead the development of innovative power solutions and infrastructure, with a focus on electrification using alternate energy sources, to enhance endurance and sustainability. Support the shaping of relevant digital solutions.Thorbjörn Fors, Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Asia PacificThe maritime industry is one of the backbones of Singapore's economy and Siemens Energy is honored to be a part of the Coastal Sustainability Alliance (CSA). As an energy technology company, we are ready to bring our expertise to innovative power solutions, promote localization, and foster talent development. By tapping into a network of like-minded partners within the CSA and leveraging complementary technologies, we are confident in our collective ability to reach the decarbonization goals outlined in the Maritime Singapore Decarbonization Blueprint. Step-by-step, we can shape a greener, more resilient maritime ecosystem for future generations.
9.Transport CapitalProvide financing solutions for adopting CSA’s Next Generation Coastal Logistics Ecosystem & PXO Electric Harbour Crafts.Joshua Politis, Deputy Managing PartnerTransport Capital is very happy to support the Coastal Sustainability Alliance and to provide capital solutions, via our equity investment platform MarImpact, to help scale up the deployment of electric harbour crafts in Singapore.
Current CSA Members
1.PaxOcean EngineeringPlease refer to press release.
2.AmpotechDevelop and deploy IoT and AI-driven solutions to optimise electrification infrastructure with options for Digital Twin integrations. Develop and deploy vessel energy management solutions to optimise energy consumption on board PXO electric harbour crafts integrating key systems such as the battery management system, on- board data recorder and Digital Twin platforms.William Temple, CEOAs part of our mission to manage the electrified world, we are collaborating with Coastal Sustainability Alliance partners to implement energy and carbon management solutions for PXO vessels. In the longer term, we aim to serve the entire maritime ecosystem, including existing coastal infrastructure and legacy harbour craft, to support the decarbonisation of this vital industry.
3.Columbia Ship ManagementAdopt usage of PXO series of new electric harbour crafts within the Coastal Logistics Ecosystem.Philippos Ioulianou, Group Director Energy and RenewablesAfter a year of collaboration, The Columbia Group remains excited and steadfast in our partnership with this alliance of maritime stakeholders, dedicated to advancing the evolution of coastal logistic ecosystems. Our shared belief persists that together, we can continue to foster positive change in the maritime environment, its workforce, and society at large by making our operations greener and more sustainable. Having been part of the Coastal Sustainability Alliance for a year, we reaffirm our commitment to collective action in driving the transition towards greener and sustainable port operations. We remain devoted to leveraging innovative electric harbour boats to their fullest extent. Through our ongoing active involvement and collaborative efforts, we aim to not only sustain but also amplify our influence, inspiring others in the shipping industry to adopt our sustainable business practices and to join such initiatives.
4.GenplusLead development and commercialisati on of energy storage and battery management systems.Lim Ming Chiat, Managing DirectorGenplus has been focusing on the development of lithium ferrophosphate (LFP) marine batteries for marine Energy Storage Systems (ESS), particularly high-capacity Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) solutions.   Our solution is primarily focused on LFP chemistry, which is optimised for safety, high energy density, and high capacity. We have experience classing our battery products to meet Bureau Veritas (BV), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), and RINA standards. These battery systems can be deployed in both hybrid and full electric vessels. We are also looking into making our system more modular and interchangeable for ease of configuration and maintainability.
5.Green COPLead development and commercialisati ons of sustainable 2nd generation biofuels as part of Coastal Logistics Ecosystem's transition plans. Develop novel processes to generate 2nd generation biofuels as a transition fuel for conventional harbour craft.Dr. Hanson Lee, CEO of Green COWe are dedicated to building a future where Sustainable Marine Fuels (SMF) are the norm, and being part of the Coastal Sustainability Alliance (CSA) allows us to contribute actively to this vision. We are proud of our association with CSA and look forward to collaborating further with like- minded partners to drive positive change in the maritime sector.
6.Jurong PortLead ship chandelling operations to optimise fleet solutions and consolidate marine supply chain initiatives with SMEs.Terence Seow, CEOJurong Port will continue to work with the Coastal Sustainability Alliance and lighterage industry partners to drive the adoption of digital and green technologies. By leveraging our infrastructure, Jurong Port is poised to play a critical role in transforming the industry.
7.Ken EnergyOwn and operate PXO electric supply boats and provide industry insights on the development of the PXO series of new electric harbour crafts.Desmond Chong, Managing DirectorKen Energy, a renewables and sustainable energy firm, supports the objectives of the Coastal Sustainability Alliance by potentially owning and operating electric supply boats. By adopting new technologies logistically and operationally, we look forward to contributing towards a more efficient and optimised marine supply chain.
8.M1Lead alliance to develop and commercialise Coastal Logistics Integrated Platform as a service. Lead development and commercialisati on of Coastal Vessels IoTMustafa Kapasi, Chief Operating OfficerM1 has been providing 5G connectivity solutions through its Southern Coastal 5G Project to support CSA members in their electrification and sustainability initiatives. We look forward to playing a bigger role in 2024 to support the deployment of Smart E- Vessels through the use of IoT and 5G.
9.Magic PortDevelop and deploy a coastal logistics platform for stakeholders to optimise and decarbonise the coastal supply chain globally. Develop and deploy an optimised vessel scheduling and fleet deployment algorithms to improve PXO electric harbour craft utilisations.Ali Gara, CEODigitalization is a key stepping stone towards decarbonization of coastal ecosystems. Optimization of coastal maritime operations with better visibility and coordination, backed by software and intelligence, increases efficiency and makes investments required for carbon transition economically viable. As MagicPort, we are excited to be a partner of this alliance and support this transition with our digital solutions.
10.Sea Forrest Power SolutionsLead development and commercialisati on of marine wireless charging, marinized energy storage and electrification technologies.George Lee, CEOSea Forrest specialises in delivering energy management systems through electric and hybrid propulsion solutions, and energy storage systems. Leveraging this expertise, we lead the development of marine electric propulsion, marinised energy storage and charging systems, contributing to the Coastal Sustainability Alliance’s efforts in growing the ecosystem to accelerate the industry's adoption of decarbonisation solutions.
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