We operate five shipyards across three strategic locations in the region: one in Singapore, one in China and three in Batam, Indonesia. The yards are positioned along the major trading routes from North Asia to Southeast Asia to offer shipowners and managers a wide range of choices to suit their trading patterns and minimise their downtime for drydocking and repairs.

Tuas, Singapore

Established in 1983, our shipyard in Tuas, Singapore, is located on a 110,000m² site and is designed with three floating docks of up to 187.5m x 36.5m and berthing space totalling 1,600m. The yard is fully equipped to offer quick turnaround docking of up to Handymax-sized vessels and afloat repairs for assets as large as Panamax-sized vessels.
As one of the most active ship repair yards in the Southeast Asia region with 200 dockings a year, it possesses a strong track record for providing excellent and reliable shipbuilding, ship repair and conversion services to global customers.
Key Details
Yard Area
Floating Dock 1
122.0m x 22.8m 3,400 TLC
Floating Dock 2
195.0m x 34.7m 16,000 TLC
Floating Dock 3
187.5m x 36.5m 16,000 TLC
Berthing Wharf
Building Berth
3 sites for vessels up to 20,000 DWT
Up to 250 tons SWL
Overhead Cranes
Up to 50 tons SWL
Download yard layout

Pertama, Batam

PaxOcean Pertama is located on a 280,000m² site in the north-western coast of Batam, sharing a common boundary with our Graha yard, while lying within proximity to Nanindah. This enables us to utilise our yard resources with greater flexibility to meet our customers’ needs.
Our Pertama yard recently acquired a new floating dock that is 300m long,
59m wide with 82,000 TLC, capable of accommodating vessels up to Suezmax category. As part of the upgrading program, we constructed a new jetty extension
of 300m with a water depth of 8m, which offers docking of Panamax-sized vessels and afloat repairs of VLCC-sized vessels.
Key Details
Yard Area
Floating Dock 8
300.0m x 59.0m 82,000 TLC
Floating Dock 6
285.0m x 48.5m 35,000 TLC
Floating Dock V
235.0m x 40.0m 22,000 TLC
Berthing Wharf
Building Berths
4 sites for vessels up to 30,000 DWT
Up to 1,250 tons SWL
Overhead Cranes
Up to 20 tons SWL in workshops
Plasma Cutting Machine
1 unit
Download yard layout

Graha, batam

PaxOcean Graha is a modern, purpose-built rig and offshore construction specialist yard, equipped with the largest crawler crane in Indonesia at 1,250T. With a skilled workforce and robust yard facilities, Graha has the capability and resources to construct high technical specification rigs that deliver optimal performance.

In 2009, our Graha yard successfully penetrated the high-tech rig construction market to become the first facility of its kind in Batam, Indonesia. Over the years, our expertise has expanded from CJ46 design jack-up drilling rigs and highly specialised self-propelled jack-ups, to sophisticated Split Hopper and Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger designs.

PaxOcean has stepped up its range of services by offering a Green Recycling Program to ship owners. Our ship recycling facility in Batam complies with the requirements of the EU Ship Recycling Regulation which adheres to the highest standards of environmental responsibility and worker protection.
Key Details
Yard Area
Berthing Wharf
Building Berths
3 nos 80m x 80m
2 nos 170m x 50m
Mobile Shelter Open Fab’ Area 1 & 2
L270m x W30mx 10m
Mobile Shelter Open Fab’ Area 3 & 4
L132m x W30mx 10m
Steel Fab Workshop
26,000 m²
Mechanical Workshop
2,000 m²
Electrical Workshop/Store
7,300 m²
Mobile Cranes
up to 1,250 tons SWL
Gantry Cranes
up to 50 tons SWL
Overhead Cranes
up to 40 tons SWL in workshop
Download yard layout

Nanindah, Batam

PaxOcean Nanindah specialises in shipbuilding and steel fabrication, with a core focus on the construction of vessels in the offshore oil and gas market. It is located on a 570,000m² site with 15 building berths, capable of executing 15 concurrent new building projects and has an established reputation for its repair capabilities and quick turnaround.
Since 2007, the yard has successfully completed the construction of high-technology speciality vessels such as DP3 compact semi-submersibles, high specification platform supply vessels and freezer fishing trawlers.
Key Details
Yard Area
Floating Dock II
186.0m x 36.4m 16,000 TLC
Floating Dock I
97.0m x 24.0m 3,200 TLC
Open Area Fabrication
22,000 m² with Gantry Cranes
Piping Workshop
Electrical Workshop
Carpentry Workshop
Steel Forming Workshop
Mechanical Workshop
Mobile Cranes
Up to 1,250 tons SWL
Download yard layout

Zhoushan, China

PaxOcean Zhoushan in Zhejiang, China, is equipped with two ultra-large graving docks, a pier berth of 576m with 12m water depth and a 900T crane. The docks are built to accommodate all types of ULCC, VLOC, OBO, Suezmax and FPSO vessels of up to 400,000 DWT, and large container ships of up to 16,000 TEUs.
Since the yard began operations in 2010, it has established a strong track record of providing quality and on-time services to our global customers, including repair projects for tankers, containerships, dry cargo, gas carriers and offshore rigs.
Key Details
Yard Area
Dock 1
400m x 106m graving dock with 13.7m draft
Dock 2
380m x 80m graving dock with 13.7m draft
340m x 70m
West Pier
576m with 12m draft
Download yard layout

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